Car Financing for Bad Credit

It is not always simple to keep a great credit score. We make it a point to provide car finance options to customers who have a full array of credit histories. This is why we offer bad credit loans.

There are several lenders that work with us who specialise in creating finance options for people with poor credit. With our help, you could be driving off in your new car in a few days.

Just because you have CCJs, mortgage arrears or other delinquent payments you should not assume that you can never buy a new car. Maybe you have been through an IVA or a debt management plant and you want car financing. We just might have an option that will work for you.

Were you stopped from obtaining financing somewhere else? Work with us as we might be able to find a finance option that works for you. We certainly will try our best.

Always check your credit report. If you have poor credit but are not sure why look it over to see if there are any inaccuracies or out-of-date information. If you have no credit it can lead to being placed in the bad credit sector. This only happens because there is no information on your borrowing history for lenders to view. It is simply because you have not started any credit history but because of this lenders do not know what type of risk you may pose for them.

We do not wish to judge anyone. We are only here to see to it that you can drive away in your new vehicle. We have helped many people in situations such as yours. We got them in a car finance plan with their poor credit history. If we can help you get into a finance arrangement, it could improve your credit report each time you make a car payment.

How We Help

We work at BuggyDough to match our customers with the right finance products for them. If you have bad credit, we want you to know that we look at more than your credit score. We work to know about you.

We will help determine which finance options are best for you while taking your loan period into consideration.

We get to know you. We work out which finance option would be best for you, taking into account the loan term you want so that the repayments will fit into your budget. We offer no deposit finance options for vehicles as well.

Now, we cannot guarantee that everyone gets approved. We do go through our large database of lenders to work hard to find a poor credit lender that has something to help you in your situation. After approving your application, we will give you a no-obligation quote.

We will be able to help you with any questions you have. There is a personal advisor ready to chat with you online, call or text you should you need any help. For help getting estimates for your repayments, please use our car financing calculator tool.

What You Need to Get Started

Several of our lenders have different poor credit loan products so what you must provide will often vary. The basic documents you will need to provide include:

  • Choosing a vehicle from a quality dealer
  • Agreeing to your repayments each month
  • Signed paperwork
  • Collect your vehicle and drive off happily!

For those who are self-employed, it can be daunting to have a combination of irregular income and bad credit. Do not worry as we can still work for you. You may be able to get into a new car loan with one of our lenders who help those who are both self-employed and who have bad credit.

We can help anyone throughout the entire UK with car finance products. Even if you have fewer than three years at your address, we can still help. We have many finance options for a variety of situations.

After you get approved, it is time for fun. Choose your car from any UK dealer with a good reputation. We give you access to our exclusive search process to help you select the ideal vehicle. If you like, we can even finance motorbikes or vans. Just ask us for more details when you are ready to get financing.

Remember, applying for bad credit car finance only takes a few minutes. If you are approved, you could be driving in a new vehicle in no time at all.