Once you are approved with a lender, they will provide you with the criteria that a van has to meet – such as those that relate to mileage and age. Every lender has its own vehicle criteria and we our own customer support specialists that are available to ensure that you fully understand this before finding the ideal van.

Like all credit applications, you will need to show us proof of income that normally comes from bank statements or payslips.

We also can assist you if you are a self-employed individual and need a van for your business. Proof of income once again is a must. If you own a business, then the proof needs to be three months at least of your business accounts, or three months at least of payslips if you work for someone else. If you don’t have either one of those, you may be able to provide copes of your three most month’s of personal or business bank statements instead.

We work with several lender who offer van finance, and if your credit history is good, it should not be too hard for us to find appropriate finance for you. However, many lenders specialise in offering bad credit van finance also, so credit that is less than perfect isn’t necessarily a big concern for us, and we hope to assist you with financing your new van!

Please note van finance lenders won’t fund VAT on vans. so you will need to cover it on your own via part exchange or cash deposit. If you are searching for a loan option that provides you with additional funds for covering VAT in addition to the cost of your van, you might find our personal loan options to be better suited for you.

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