Although our name is BuggyDough Car Finance, we still make finance arrangements for motorcyclists as well, whether it involves purchasing from a dealership (if you get approved with us for hire purchases) or a private seller (through a personal loan).

Although you are allowed by law to ride a motorbike when you are 17 years old, you are not eligible legally to apply for financing until you are 18 years old. You may want to use this time to qualify for your full driving licence, and that will help you when applying for finance and also build your credit profile up, which will help you with your application.

We are in an excellent position to offer loan options to individual with various credit histories (ranging from poor up to excellent, but the better credit history that you, the easier it will be to get approved – and at better interest rates.

We consider all different credit situations (including those who have CCJs and discharged bankrupts) and all different personal situations (e.g. retired, self-employed, etc.). You might also have a vehicle already on finance and that won’t be an issue since many of our lenders provide additional finance agreements as well.

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