If you’re wanting to purchase a used or new car, you may have searched through the local dealers already to no avail, and instead locate the ideal car for you is being privately advertised.

If you are searching for a good hire purchase agreement, where your loan is secured against your car, you will need to select a vehicle from a reputable dealership in the UK.

However we are able to offer personal loans as well, where it is an unsecured loan, and then you are free to use your funds for financing a private vehicle sale.

We are in contact with finance companies that are prepared to provide a loan for private sales and with many of the same considerations that apply to other types of car finance. The main one is your credit history, and if it is bad, fair, or good.

Although we consider all credit situations, to get a personal loan you will most likely need fair or good credit. If you have poor credit but looking for a car that is on private sale, we offer guarantor loan options that you might be interested in.

After your personal loan is in place, then the funds can be used for buying your new car – or may you will go with a van, motor home, or motorbike instead!

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