Many people worry that they are not old enough to finance a vehicle. However, we are happy to tell you that there is a good chance you are old enough to apply for our financing option. As long as you are at least 18 years old, you can complete an application. Our goal is to help everyone get the specific types of vehicles they want and need, even if their credit scores are not the greatest.

Whether you are young or old, we provide a service that is designed to help people of all ages. It does not matter if you are a new driver or someone who has been driving for the past several decades. We have partnered with numerous lenders that would be willing to provide financing options to you. In fact, our lenders typically look at just a few things, such as your current income, your credit score, and whether you have a driver’s licence or not.

It is a good idea to establish a bit of a credit history before you complete an application simply because lenders like looking into the credit history of those who are completing their applications. Simply setting up a bank account in your name is one way for you to start working on building up your credit. However, there are a few other ways to establish more credit, which may include taking out a credit card to use when making small purchases. While it is ideal to build some sort of a credit history, there are options for those with bad credit and those with no credit, so do not worry if you do not have enough time to build that history right now.

If you do not have a decent amount of credit history, there is always that possibility of applying for one of the guarantor loans. These loans involve having a co-signer available who has already established good credit over time. For example, if you are still young, one of your parents may be able to co-sign for you because they already have good credit after years of paying their bills on time and using their credit cards wisely. Anyone who signs as a guarantor for the loan must be 80 years of age or younger at the time of signing.

If you are currently out of a job, you still do not have to worry about getting denied for the loan you want and need. It is important to simply provide some information on your current source of income, regardless of where it is coming from. We can help you finance the vehicle of your dreams, whether it is a car, motorbike, or even a motorhome. You can use the convenient calculator that we have available to help you determine the total amount of funds you will be able to borrow from us before you even get started.

The initial deposit

Some people prefer making an initial deposit when they are financing a vehicle. If you have saved up some money for a vehicle, this can work in your favour because you can make the deposit and then you will only need to borrow a certain amount of money from the lenders. As a result, your monthly payments would be reduced and may be even more affordable for you, which is something you may appreciate because then you can save money each month. Another great reason to have that money saved for a deposit is because then you will only need to ask for a specific amount of money and will have a better chance of getting approved for that lower amount.

While an initial deposit is beneficial and could help you save more over time, it is not a necessity. If you are unable to put any money down, you do not have to worry about getting turned down because of it. We provide no deposit options to those looking to finance vehicles because we do realise that there are times when saving up for a vehicle may be out of the question.

Because we currently work with more than one lender, we have options for all kinds of people. If you have fantastic credit, you can expect to receive plenty of offers. However, even if you have a low credit score, we can help you get the financing that you truly need. We are working with numerous lenders, some of which provide bad credit financing options to help those who truly need a vehicle despite having a lower credit score. We realise it can be frustrating applying for financing when you have been denied before, but we want to make sure you do not get denied for what you need again.

Bring the right documents with you

There are certain documents that you should be prepared to bring with you when visiting us to apply for financing. The exact documents that are needed will vary based on your personal situation – not all situations are the same. It is important to provide a copy of your licence, an identification card or other type of proof address, and proof of your income in the form of pay slips or statements from your bank account. Bringing this type of documentation with you is so important because it is what the lenders will use to decide if they are going to approve the application as well as deciding how much they are going to lend to you.

No matter how good your credit score is at the time of applying for financing, you will still need to bring these important documents with you. We are prepared to guide you through the different steps you need to take to get financing in the UK with ease and without stressing. While we cannot provide a guarantee to anyone who chooses to complete an application, we will work our hardest to ensure that a decent offer is made to you to help you get what you need, whether you want a motorhome, van, or even just a simple car to get you from one place to the next.

Providing employment details

When you are borrowing funds from one of the lenders, it is a requirement for you to be able to provide proof of your income. We need to make sure you are receiving regular income each month because that is the best way for us to make sure you will be able to afford your car payments, paying off the loan little by little each month. We have lenders that are willing to provide loans for people who receive income in a number of ways, so do not assume you cannot get a loan just because your source of income is slightly different than the traditional employment income.

In fact, we accept applications from people who are self-employed, students receiving income from their parents, disabled individuals receiving monthly cheques, retirees, housewives, and those serving in the British Military. If you have plenty of proof that backs up your statement about the amount of income you are earning each month, you should not have a problem receiving the financing you need from at least one of our reputable lenders.

While we cannot guarantee that your application will go through successfully with an offer, we can say that being able to provide income details is a great way to increase your chances of receiving an approval. Because we work with so many lenders, more than one may be willing to work with you after reviewing your financial information.

The income you are earning

All lenders want to know about an individual’s source of income and regular earnings. They need to know this information because it helps them decide if an applicant should get approved and it helps them decide how much to offer to that applicant based on what they currently earn. Most lenders are willing to consider quite a few different factors when they are trying to decide if they should approve someone for a loan or not, but those factors will vary from lender to lender.

It is important to know that you do not necessarily need to have a full-time source of income to get approved for a loan. In fact, you could be earning a part-time income or even making money as a self-employed individual. Just because you are self-employed or working part-time does not mean you are going to get turned down, so do not be discouraged to complete an application. The lenders are going to think of several different things when they are reviewing the applications in front of them, including the child benefits an individual may receive as well as a disability living allowance an applicant may get regularly to help with different expenses.

It does not matter if you are making a lot of money or if you have a lower income. We still have lenders who are willing to work with low-income individuals because they realise how important it is for people to have access to working and reliable vehicles when they need to get to work, appointments, and other places. The good news is that if you have a great credit score, you have a greater chance of getting a loan with some of the best rates, and that means saving more of your money over a period of time.

How does the car finance process work?

Getting the vehicle of your dreams is easier than ever before when you decide to go through us to get what you need. Upon completing an application, we will let you know if you have been approved within a matter of minutes. If you do get approved, there is a chance you will have the car you have always wanted in a matter of days, so you do not even have to worry about waiting a long time to get the vehicle you really want.

The service we provide is simple and stress-free. We do not mind if you are self-employed, receiving disability income, or even working part-time at your current job. We are open to receiving applications from people with all different types of credit scores, including those with lower credit scores who may have been turned down by many other lenders in the past. In fact, we even have a financing calculator available for you to use to figure out how much money you may be able to receive from the lenders.

If you end up receiving an approval after completing an application, one of our customer service representatives will get in touch with you to go over all the important details and to make sure you are aware of the full amount you have been approved for to get for the vehicle you want to finance. After going over some of the most specific details, we will need you to provide the proper documentation to get the ball rolling. After you have submitted your documentation, you can start the process of searching for the perfect vehicle for you to begin financing. We have thousands of different types of vehicles available for you to choose from, so you can have your pick!


Even though most of our lenders require a valid driver’s licence, we readily offer financing, catering to those having only a provisional licence as well as even those who don’t possess a licence. In the case of having recently passed your driving test, don’t worry, because we can also help you. Lenders typically view a full licence as a simple basic requirement for applying for finance.

As such, they will require your current EU or UK driving licence as well as a second form of identification, this is basically your photo ID and it will aid in the confirmation of your identity. When it comes to individuals who do not currently possess a full driver’s licence, you should be sure to have not only a reasonable deposit, but a fairly decent credit record when attempting to make a down payment. However, lenders who can finance someone without their valid driving licence should have an alternate form of identification, in this case, your passport is useable.

We aim to provide outstanding service and as such we have financing options for our valued customers with any type of credit history. At our company, we aim to provide the best service, as such, even if you were previously declined elsewhere, we just may be able to offer assistance. Our financing options cover a wide range of vehicles. These being caravans, horseboxes, motorhomes, vans, cars and motorbikes alike, and we don’t necessarily require a deposit.

Here at Buggy Dough, we are mindful of all your personal circumstances. These being that you are retired, employed or even self-employed. You can access our finance calculator to see how much you are qualified to borrow. It should be noted that since we cannot guarantee car financing, we aim to do our best at finding the right deal for you.

How It Works?
After being approved, we work on getting the best deal for you. Next, we then approve your car, by using our in depth search option or if you choose to purchase from reputable dealers, we perform all the necessary checks to ensure that the car hasn’t been in any accidents or that it isn’t a stolen vehicle. All that’s left to do is collect your keys, after we finalise your documents, you simply sign and then it’s off you go!

About our car finance calculator

We work with the best lenders on the market as we aim to better finance your new car. We serve in finding the best affordable car loan to better handle your needs. We know and understand that since no two customers are the same, your individual situations aren’t the same so we aid in finding the best deal for you. As a result of more choices and more lenders, this is the reason we can find the best option to suit a wide range of customers, be it bad credit or good credit.

Our finance calculator is a highly developed and accurate tool. It provides an easy and quick way which assesses just how much cheaper our car loan can be. It works by simply entering the desired amount that you wish to borrow and the period that you would like to take, the calculator would then give you an estimate of the repayments which are based on your current credit.

If you change the desired amount to be borrowed, you can get an estimated repayment based on a new monthly rate. This just simply means that the calculator can be edited until your estimated monthly repayable amount is to your liking. If you already have a desired amount in mind, the loan can be amended for a suitable period until your monthly budget has been achieved.