Here at BuggyDough, our clients are able to select a vehicle from any reputable UK dealership!

The first thing that a lender does when you are approved for car finance is confirm how much you were approved for. Lenders all have their own specifications when it comes to the vehicles they are able to finance, and they will give you the criteria that the vehicle must meet in terms of mileage, age and other factors.

After you understand the lender’s vehicle criteria, you then are free to look for the car you want! To make your search process even more convenient, you will be provided access to our exclusive members’ area, which has more than 100,000 used vehicles from thousands of various dealerships from all over the UK in one central location!

Although a majority of our lenders ask customers to select a vehicle from a reputable dealership, there are some lenders of ours that are able to finance private sales, through the provisioning of a personal loan usually.

You don’t need to worry if you are not trying to finance a car – we also have attractive loan options that we offer on caravans, motor homes, motorbikes, and vans.

We offer various finance options for our customers with a range of different credit histories (from bad to good) and we consider all financial situations. So let us assist you today with financing your dream car!